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Chalk Studio

B to B E-Learning platform

Mr. V. Venkata Raghulan

Socview Solutions Pvt.Ltd

Enterprise Security Management Tools and Solution

The MediTube Media Pvt. Ltd

Web TV for Doctors


Renaura Wellness Pvt. Ltd

Nishant Gupta & Palash Pandey


Business information and intelligence in data and finance

Mr. S. Raja Ayyappan

Finix Info Solution Pvt Ltd

Complete career management portal using Big Data/ AI/Semantic analytics

Mr.Rajamanickam D

TCorpus Analytics

Development of Financial Services management solutions and Intellectual Property Management solutions.

Mr. Anupam Rudranand

MSi Biotech

Production of enzymes to treat the effluent of industries like leather, textile, food, drug, beverages & etc

Mr. M. Ajmal Hussain

Lab P53 now Kyvor Genomics Private Limited

Health care and Life sciences

Mr. Abilesh Malli Gunasekar

Vanuston Intelligence Pvt. Ltd.

Customised Business Intelligence tools

Mr. S. Anandanatarajan

Xcode Life Science Pvt., Ltd.

Xcode innovates in the field of healthcare through research in life sciences and cutting edge technology. Xcode's portfolio spans bioinformatics, genetics and statistics through which it aims to promote preventive health behavior.

Dr. Saleem Mohammed

M/s. Surgeforth Technologies Pvt., Ltd.

End to end workforce development software that includes tools like predictive analytics,competency modeler,right fit selector etc.

Mr. Ambalavanan Ramachandran

3GS Wellness Pvt.,Ltd.

Stress Mobile: StressMobile is a tool that extricates myriad signals from voice and it uses the same for measurement of stress and other conditions.

Mr. Nitin Agarwal

Hypnautyx Entertainment (P) Ltd

Interactive HDTV content and advertisements.

Mr. Harish Kumar

MaxValue Learning Technologies and Consulting Pvt., Ltd

E-learning platform & tools and programs.


ThinkCore Technologies Private Ltd.

An Enterprise Productized Software development organization targeting SME’s.

Mr. Narendra Aswatha Narayana

Mobile Veda

A simplified web platform for mobile value added services.


RM/s. XNGenE

Framework for affordable product engineering by collaborative network

Mr. K. Gokul Kumar

Ooconn Solutions Pvt., Ltd.

Design, develop and provide online solutions for learning, brainstorming, messaging, mailing, meetings and presentations.

Mr. R. Balajee


Transity is envisaged to be an integrated technology platform (hosted on the elastic cloud) to manage all the transportation needs of the organizations and also of individuals.

Mr.Krishna Kumar Ponnada

Icon Infotech, Vellore

Development of Supply Chain Management and Customer Relationship Management for Small and Medium Range Industries.

Mr. L. Umashankar

Efficsys Logistics

The company has merged with Ticketgoose.

Mr.Arun Athiappan.


Smart Lesson Engine for Multimedia content creation.


Paynnovation Solutions Pvt., Ltd.

Electronics card based payment systems

Mr. Kunal Sharma

Param Health Foods, Mohali - Punjab

Development of RTS Beverages like Pomegranate, Peach, Litchi, Pineapple, Mango and Ginger based health drinks.

Mr. Param Deep Singh

Virtis Bio Labs

Biotech contract research services

Mr. A. Devsenapathy and Dr. P.N. Shilpa

Aviv Global Technologies Pvt.Ltd

Aviv is working in the enterprise communication platforms and products.

Plasmatech Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Expression and purification of proteins

Mr. Vignesh Narasimhan Janakiraman

Prayasta 3D Inventions Pvt. Ltd

Prosthesis/implants for augmentation of breasts in cancer patients

Vikas Garg & Shilpi Sen

Madras Mindworks

Creates customized VR, AR based business solutions for Organization

Srinivasan & Sathyapriyan

Dekoit Technologies Pvt.Ltd

Dekoit is into ecommerce business selling through leading marketplace portals in the country combining ecommerce and social media concepts, putting the customer as the main focus.


Araciv Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Builds gesture controlled Human Machine interface devices

Adarsh Warrier and Abhishek Sathish

ENRecover Energy Recovery Solutions

Develops customizable waste energy recovery options which can lead to
electrical power production with low foot - print and resource saving for Industrial applications

Abhijeet Tanaji Chaudhari & Nikhil Chougale

Camcann Smart Systems Technology Private Limited

Builds smart edge computing devices to solve the current problems in security


Alfaleus Technology Private Limited

This venture is developing innovative products in the medical devices domain

Mr.Sandal Kotawala

Baked Goods from BSG

Making healthy and nutritious edible products from Beer spent grain


Illuminify Technologies Private Limited

Builds Text-to-Braille voice devices

Mr.Srinivasan Pranav Kumar


Integration of Hydroponics and Pisciculture using IoT


Ashva Wearable Technologies Private Limited

Builds intelligent wearable devices to overcome and augment natural human body capabilities

Ms.Anmol Ajay Saxena

Findmind Analytics Private Limited

This venture develops analytics based products in the Fintech domain

Mr.Anubhav Mishra

Fat Cat Robotics Private Limited

Solar panel cleaning robot

Mr.Ameya kank